Boards and Committees

The City of Troy has a number of volunteer Boards and Committees to serve our community. Volunteers are appointed by the Mayor & City Council. Committees meet on a monthly, quarterly or as needed basis as noted in the Board/Committee descriptions.

To volunteer for a Board or Committee, complete the application and submit to:

City of Troy

City Clerk's Office

500 West Big Beaver Troy, MI 48084-5285 Email: (

Phone: 248.524.3316

Fax: 248.524.1770

High School students interested in applying for a Board or Committee, complete the Student Rep Application and submit to:

City of Troy

Community Affairs Department

500 West Big Beaver

Troy, MI 48084-5285

Phone: 248.524.1147

Fax: 248.524.3499

Traffic Committee

Pursuant to Chapter 35 of the City of Troy Code of Ordinances, the Traffic Committee consists of seven members for three-year terms. The Police Chief, Fire Chief and Traffic Engineer or their designated representative are ex-officio members of the Committee without voting privilege. The Traffic Committees advisory powers pertain to proposed traffic regulations and traffic safety issues and advise the City Manager and City Council on amendments to Chapter 35. The Traffic Committee also holds public hearings for sidewalk variances from citizens requesting relief from the requirements of Chapter 34. City Liaison: Deputy City Engineer, 248.524.3379. Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:30 pm at Troy City Hall.

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