City Manager

Brian Kischnick

City Manager



The mission of the City Manager's Office is to partner with City Council in achieving the goals and objectives set forth for the City of Troy. To this end, a key factor is the identification of priorities and establishment of management procedures that develop and effectively utilize City resources.

As the City's chief administrative officer, the City Manager is responsible for directing the administration of the City government. The Manager's responsibilities include organizational management; fiscal management; program development; and program evaluation.

The City Manager must be aware of new methods as they apply to City services. New developments in the area of public policy are researched and analyzed to organize a process of program planning in anticipation of future needs.

The 2016 Top 10 Strategies

Did You Know?

  • Troy's millage rate is 10.4.
  • Troy's annual budget document has been awarded the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Award for 18 years in a row.