City Clerk's Office

Aileen Dickson, MMC

City Clerk



The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to expeditiously provide accurate and courteous response to all requests for service or information, and to be sensitive to the individual needs of citizens.

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The City Clerk's Office provides clerical service to the City Council by preparing the agendas and recording the minutes of City Council meetings.

As official keeper of the records, original minutes of all meetings of the City Council and Boards and Committees are kept and archived in the City Clerk's Office. Birth and death records are kept for all events occurring in the City, and certified copies are made available to those eligible to purchase them.

Licenses such as business, temporary merchants, amusement places and devices, taxicabs, peddlers, and sidewalk sales are issued in the City Clerk's Office. The filing of petitions, lawsuits, subpoenas, and Freedom of Information Act requests occurs at the City Clerk's Office as well.

The City Clerk's Office conducts elections in accordance with State and Federal law. The City Clerk administers the Oath of Office to City officials, police officers and State appointments and provides notary service (some fees may apply for notary service).

Did You Know?

  • Electronic poll books (e-poll books), paid for with Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funds, have been used since February 23, 2010 special election. The e-poll book is an electronic version of the paper poll book and voter registration list formerly used in the precincts. Utilization of e-poll books will streamline the election process for voters and precinct workers, and expedite updating of voter history by City staff after elections.
  • Driver’s license scanners, also funded by HAVA are designed to electronically verify voter status and load voter and ballot information into the e-poll books. The scanners have been helpful in minimizing wait times and further ensuring accuracy at the polling locations.