Full-time and continuing part-time (year-round) applications are accepted by the Human Resources Department when a vacancy occurs and the position is publicly advertised. In addition to being published in newspapers and periodicals, all vacancies are posted to the city's website and include an application form which can be printed for completion.

Seasonal employees (laborers, crossing guards, lifeguards) are also recruited by the Human Resources Department. Recruitment periods for these positions are scheduled throughout the year. Be sure to check the City's website for current listings.

Police Officers are recruited through the use of a recruitment and testing consortium, EMPCO, Inc., located in here in Troy. Successful candidates are placed on an eligible list that is valid for two years. For more information about EMPCO, please contact:

500 Columbia Center
101 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 528-8060

Firefighter applications are accepted anytime. The City of Troy Fire Department is a volunteer department staffed with approximately 170 volunteer firefighters and 12 career staff. The Human Department recruits for career fire staff positions when they become available.