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The Mission of the Purchasing Department is to ensure value for City of Troy Departments by procuring goods and services at the lowest competitive price from competent vendors meeting specifications. Activities of the personnel in the Purchasing Department shall be performed in a manner that guarantees the integrity of the purchasing process, and that all vendors and City personnel are treated equitably and professionally.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Troy, Michigan. The delivery of vital services to our citizens is ultimately the result of a partnership between the departments of City government and the Vendor community, which provides the goods and services needed to support City operations.

How to Do Business with the City of Troy

The pamphlet Doing Business with Troy will assist you better understanding the process to be followed to do business with the City of Troy. And also help vendors or suppliers understand the role and responsibility involved in purchasing goods and services by the City of Troy. The City encourages all companies to register as vendors and to participate in the competitive process initiated by the City to enable its effective and efficient operation.


The government of the City of Troy consists of about 30 departments with an annual budget of $150 Million. These departments purchase a variety of goods and services ranging from pencils to million dollar construction projects.

In accordance with the City Charter and Code, the Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services for the City departments. Some City functions and legally independent authorities have been exempted from purchasing through the Purchasing Department. Some City departments also have received specific delegations of purchasing authority and responsibility. All expenditures of public funds must be made under the authority and procedures of the Purchasing provisions of the City of Troy policies.

Procurement Methods

  1. Formal Sealed Bids or Proposals - In most cases when the City seeks to procure goods or services estimated to cost more than $10,000, a Formal Sealed Invitation to Bid or a Request for Proposal will be issued. Formal Sealed Bids and Proposals shall be solicited by newspaper advertisements when directed by City Council. The Bid or Proposal document is also displayed on the public bulletin board by the City Clerk's Office, and an announcement is placed on the City of Troy's website under the Purchasing Department, "Bidding Opportunities." Bids and Proposal documents are no longer mailed to vendors. Vendors are encouraged to register online at to receive notification of all solicitations. If you do not have internet access, please call the BidNet support group at 800.835.4603. Responses to Bids or Proposals are secured unopened until the date and time specified in the bid or proposal document. Sealed Bids or Proposals are opened publicly, read aloud, and recorded. The Bid or Proposal is not fully awarded until approved by Troy City Council.
  2. Informal Requests for Quotations - For goods and services estimated to cost less than $10,000, the City seeks price quotations and proposals from at least three vendors using techniques that are less stringent than for Formal Invitations to Bid. Informal Quotations may be requested and received using telephone, fax or other unsealed methods of expediting the exchange of information between the Vendor and the City's Purchasing Department. City Departments use delegated authority to seek informal quotations for purchases less than $10,000.

Getting on the Vendor List

The City of Troy along with other entities from the Metropolitan area use MITN (Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network) to register bidders. Please review your options at

Your company may also register for the City of Troy auction site. Choose "Surplus Auctions" from the City of Troy Purchasing website

Completing Bids or Proposals

Read the Invitation to Bid or the Request for Proposal in its entirety. Be certain you understand its requirements.

Identify all requirements for Signatures, Certificates and Enclosures. Verify any blanks that must be filled in. Failure to sign bids, provide certificates or fill in required blanks may disqualify your bid offer.

Be certain you are aware of the time and date your response is due to the City of Troy. Allow enough time to prepare your response. IT IS THE VENDOR'S RESPONSIBLITIY TO BE CERTAIN THAT BIDS OR PROPOSALS ARE RECEIVED BY THE CITY PRIOR TO THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED. Late Bids and Proposals are not accepted.

Right to Protest

Any actual or prospective bidder, offeror, or contractor who is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a contract may protest to the Chief Procurement Officer or the head of the Purchasing Agency. The protest shall be submitted in writing within (14 Days) after such aggrieved person knows or should have known of the facts giving rise thereto.

Debarment or Suspension

Bidders/Proposers whose performance on City contracts is unsatisfactory or who are in default or arrears on a financial obligation with the City are subject to suspension from doing business with the City in any capacity for a period up to three (3) years.

Insurance and Bond Requirements

All companies performing a service on city-owned property or on behalf of the City of Troy are required to provide a certificate of insurance prior to the issuance of a purchase order or commencement of any work. Workers compensation, commercial general liability and motor vehicle liability are required with the coverage limits set by the City of Troy Risk Management Department. Other liability coverage is required as dictated by the service supplied. Payment, performance and maintenance bonds may be required as provided in the bid or request for proposal documents.

Vendor Calls

The Purchasing Department encourages Vendors to contact our Department with information about new products and services or to inquire about upcoming solicitations. Calls may be made with or without appointments from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Please call or e-mail the Purchasing Department, if you have any questions or need assistance.

MaryBeth Murz, Purchasing Manager


Fax: 248.619.7608

Did You Know?

  • That businesses with a local presence in Troy are given an opportunity to match the lowest bid, if the bid of a local business is within 5% of the lowest responsive and responsible non-local bidder, all other provisions being equal.
  • For the 8th year in a row Purchasing received the prestigious "Achievement of Excellence in Procurement" award from the National Purchasing Institute. This is awarded annually to organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a minimum score on a rating of standardized criteria. The program is designed to measure innovation, professionalism, productivity and leadership attributes of a procurement organization. The City of Troy is one of only 56 entities in the US to receive the national award.
  • Troy was a founding member of the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network Purchasing Cooperative website – –  which is used to post bids, quotes, requests for proposal, construction notices, addenda, awards including tabulations and surplus auctions. By establishing this centralized system, vendors now have a single point of contact and broader access to new business opportunities in our state.