Streets and Drains Division

Mike Pihaylic

Streets & Drains Operations Manager

Troy Department of Public Works

4693 Rochester Road

Troy, MI 48085

Public Works: 248.524.3392

Water Division/Billing: 248.524.3370

Refuse & Recycling: 248.524.3399

Streets and Drains Division

The mission of Streets and Drains is to ensure a safe environment for Troy residents and guests through maintenance of the local, county, and major road network, and the storm water drainage system of the City of Troy.

The Streets and Drains Division provides maintenance, repair and replacement to a network of 364 miles of Local, Major and County roads, street lighting, traffic control signs, and 500 miles of sidewalks. They investigate residential storm water issues and work to maintain a highly efficient storm water drainage system as regulated by the Oakland County Storm Water Permit and MDEQ. They also assist other departments or agencies in securing a safe environment during emergency situations.

Snow Alert:

What does it mean when the City of Troy declares a “Snow Alert”? A snow alert declaration is a notification to the community that the City will be plowing all local roads and strongly encouraging everyone to remove all vehicles off the street from the time the snow stops until the street has been plowed. This provides to all residents a faster, cleaner and safer road clearing operation.

Residential Snow Plowing Status Here

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Did You Know?

  • There are a total of 12 lakes and 167 retention/detention ponds the Streets and Drains Division maintains