Water and Sewer Division

Paul Trosper

Water & Sewer Operations Manager

Troy Department of Public Works

4693 Rochester Road Troy, MI 48085

Public Works: 248.524.3392

Water & Sewer/Billing: 248.524.3370

Refuse & Recycling: 248.524.3399

Water & Sewer Division

The Water & Sewer Division is dedicated to serving residents of the City of Troy by ensuring that the quality of the drinking water is above all standards and that water needed to fight fires is never compromised. They are also dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient discharge of wastewater to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) waste treatment facility.

Water & Sewer Division provides safe, clean and abundant drinking water for the residents of Troy and maintains the distribution and collection systems.

Water & Sewer Division Forms and Information

Mail Water & Sewer Bill Payments to: City of Troy - Water, PO Box 554743, Detroit MI 48255-4743

FAQ's for the Water & Sewer Division

Water & Sewer Bill Change of Address Form

Water Billing Districts (PDF, 240 KB)

Water Billing Districts (PDF, 240 KB)

Map of Water Billing Districts.

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Final Water & Sewer Bill Request Form

Outdoor Water Metering

Outdoor Underground Sprinkler Restrictions Information and Forms

Backflow Preventer Test Report


2016 Water Quality Report

Outdoor Underground Sprinkler Restrictions

Press Release

City Encourages Residents to Adhere to Underground Sprinkler Restrictions During Hot SummerAcrobat Document - Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Outdoor Underground Sprinkler Restrictions Ordinance

Chapter 18 - City Water Utility, Section 12.01 Acrobat Document - Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Water Restriction Exemption Form

Water Restriction Exemption FormAcrobat Document - Get Adobe Acrobat Reader