Locating Your Business in Troy

Michigan's Premier Address for Business, Retail and Commerce

Troy is the prime location for new and expanding businesses like yours. Home to 7 million square feet of retail space, 21 million square feet of office and engineering space and 16 million square feet of manufacturing space, Troy’s business environment is progressive and diverse with a solid mix of major corporations and small local businesses. Troy is home to Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology business association driving growth in Southeast Michigan’s economy, and at the center of global technology and manufacturing. Troy is also a major contributor for Michigan’s ranking as one of the largest high-tech workforce employers in the country.

Nerd Wallet named Troy the 4th best small city in the U.s. to start a business.

Those interested in relocating or expanding their business in Troy can expect to receive a warm welcome from the City’s Economic Development Department, which provides invaluable resources.